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Operating Overview

United Security Assurance Company of Pennsylvania's mission is to provide quality life and health products at fair and reasonable rates.

Operating Overview

United Security Assurance Company of Pennsylvania is a privately held life and health company that opened its doors in 1983.  We are dedicated to providing quality life and health products at fair and reasonable rates, and are committed to the equitable treatment of our agents and policyholders.  Our expertise in the individual insurance market, especially senior life products, long term care, and home health care help to produce outstanding results.  We strive to build effective, long lasting relationships and take pride in our responsiveness to our agents’ and policyholders’ needs.


  • United Security Assurance is licensed in forty states and the District of Columbia and has products available for sale in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana,Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia.

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO (product offerings vary in each state)

Short-term Home Care

  • Reasonably Prices
  • Issue ages:  40-89
  • Easy application process
  • First day coverage
  • Spousal discount
  • Indemnity plan
  • Facility Care Rider
  • Inflation Protection Riders

Long Term Care Plans

  • Affordable coverage
  • Issue ages:  18-99
  • Feature both Non-tax Qualified and Tax Qualified plans
  • Qualified LTC Partnership Plans
  • Offer plans that underwrite substandard health conditions
  • Provide plans with or without Home Health Care
  • Offer plans with or without inflation protection
  • Most plans include built-in Restoration of Benefits and Waiver of Premium

Home Health Care Plans

  • Issue ages:  18-99
  • Long and short-term options
  • Includes built-in Restoration of Benefits
  • Offers spousal discount
  • Provides added peace of mind for consumers not interested or who cannot afford nursing home coverage

Life Plans

  • Affordable protection to Preferred and Sub-standard risks
  • Whole Life and Modified Whole Life Plans
  • No surcharge for smokers


Our in-house Underwriting Team takes a flexible and common sense approach to underwriting by:

  • Using a health and lifestyle approach to underwriting risks
  • Employing the use of counter-offers to ensure placement of 50% of our agents’ business
  • Maintaining open lines of communication between underwriting, marketing and our agents
  • Being responsive to our agents and policyholders


Our Claims Team is dedicated to our policyholders and ensures our timely, accurate claims process by:

  • Paying the right person the right amount of money when it’s needed most
  • Making decisions under conditions of uncertainty and in complex situations
  • Empathizing and understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs to exceed service expectations
  • Demonstrating expert knowledge of our products
  • Displaying the ability to adapt to change, consider alternatives and shift priorities to meet our customers’ needs
  • Building effective relationships and implementing effective solutions to meet our policyholders’ expectations

673 E. Cherry Lane | PO Box 64477 Souderton, PA 18964 | Phone: 215-723-3044 or 800-872-3044 | Fax: 215-723-8036
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